Kamala Harris Alumni Launch Blackstone-Associated ‘Cancel Culture’ Advisory Firm

C Street Advisory Group is being led by Kamala Harris veterans.
C Street Advisory Group is being led by veterans from Kamala Harris' presidential campaign. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

There’s big money in helping corporations diversify workforces, especially if the top brass survives ‘cancel culture‘ PR reckonings.

Veterans of Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign launched an advisory firm helping CEOs and executives navigate changing cultural norms. Led by Harris’ former national campaign finance chair, Jon Henes, C Street Advisory Group aims to help corporations diversify their workforces, while inoculating leadership against any potential backlash.

“Young people know the difference between genuine change and window dressing,” Henes told Axios on Monday. “You have to understand your own organization and make real, systemic changes.”

The firm’s launch comes as American companies face pressure from employees, investors, and customers to take stances on political issues ranging from climate change to police protests, which may polarize certain swaths of the population. C Street Advisory is launching with financing from Antara Capital, a hedge fund backed by Blackstone, Axios reports. The firm will provide counsel across four different areas (general corporate strategy, equity and inclusion, talent acquisition, and traditional crisis communications), positioning itself as a competitor against established consulting firms like Teneo.

“Change can be scary, and in today’s world, fear can lead to inertia,” continued Henes. “But inclusive leadership and inclusive change will lead to incredibly valuable, value-driven organizations.”

Axios reports thats Minyon Moore, a former political director in the Clinton White House and one of Harris’ closest confidants, is on the board of advisors. The Clinton Foundation’s former in-house counsel Melissa Prober will handle crisis communications and serve as general counsel. Brian Mathis, a former Clinton-era Treasury official, will serve as senior advisor.