Marvel Studios Founder Launches Digital Art Collective, Celebrates Late Superhero Icon

Mythos concept. Photo courtesy of CoinDesk.

Marvel Studios founder David Maisel is honoring a late superhero icon.

Maisel’s new venture, Mythos, on Friday launched an art collective, Ekos Genesis Art, which features original digital artwork from the late comic book artist Michael Turner, who passed away in 2008 after a battle with bone cancer. Turner created cover art for numerous comic books across the Marvel and DC universes, including the former’s Civil War series.

Ekos’s debut collection features 1:1 handcrafted digital art, and a trove of original pieces from Turner. Each piece of digital artwork contains original and unseen concepts with influences ranging from classic superhero iconography to the Pop Art movement.

David Maisel artwork.

After launching Marvel Studios and serving as the company’s chairman, Maisel founded Mythos Studios — an IP entertainment company. Maisel believes that this new studio’s concepts lend themselves to universe building and blockbuster hits. Having built Marvel into a multibillion dollar empire acquired by Disney, the executive’s winning formula is being deployed into Web3.

“We’ve worked so hard to create this Ekos Genesis Art Collection and we’re now extremely excited to give people a chance to own this Ekos-inspired 1-of-1 original hand-crafted digital art. This wouldn’t be possible without Web3,” Maisel told CoinDesk.