WATCH: Pro-Palestinian Protesters Do Donuts in Greenwich Village and Fist Bump NYPD

Pro-Palestine protest at Washington Square Park. Footage shot by Paradox, featured image designed by Bullfrog.

A motorcade of pro-Palestinian protesters barreled through Washington Square Park on Sunday evening. Activists chanted “Allahu Akbar,” lambasted the Israeli government with antisemitic rhetoric, waived Palestinian flags, and fist bumped New York City police officers.

“It’s the Zionist Jews!” screamed one activist speaker about the violence in Gaza, before the surrounding crowd reeved their engines and broke into chants of “Free Palestine!”

Several Palestinian protesters had tricked out their cars to produce loud pops and flashes, which loudly pierced Greenwich Village like gunshots. Despite the fact that such vehicle modifications have been outlawed in New York (a spokesperson for the New York State DMV told NBC that motorists with altered exhaust systems could face $150 fines and up to a month in jail), the police on-site pat activists on the backs and wished them a good night.

Smoke enveloped the entire perimeter as activists revved their vehicles. One driver spun his car in donuts in front of the park’s iconic arch for over two minutes, just inches from barricades and spectators.

A representative for the New York City Police Department did not respond to Paradox’s request for comment.

Watch Below:

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